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Kickin’ it Retro at CKSD May 15, 2007

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So I’ve been away for a while due to some RL obligations… moving and some medical stuff. But! the medical stuff is aOK and I’m almost done moving. I probably won’t be able to post for a couple of days more, but I did want to get one thing in before I take another little break.

 Jessica, a lovely new dress from CKSD (and currently on sale for 1/2 price @ $112L… but not for much longer!)


The color scheme on this dress is near pitch-perfect and as always, I am a sucker for poufy prim sleeves. I don’t know why… but my inventory is full of items I’ve bought mainly because they have these little prim sleeves.

What’s great about these prim sleeves in particular is that Kit Maitland has done an almost unbelievably good job of matching the pattern on the dress to the prim sleeve. Given the shape of the sleeve and the detail of the pattern, this is quite the feat and not something I’ve seen many other designers attempt (when it comes to prim sleeves, most stick to solid colors or small repeating patterns).

The outfit package also comes with an matching set of panties and these delightfully shaded leggings. Quite the deal, in my opinion. The seams in terms of pattern don’t quite match up on the sides, but you know what? Neither does patterned fabric IRL. The clothing itself is pieced together nicely. So there.

Also, CKSD includes a notecard detailing where to get all the accessories seen in the ad! Best SL fashion idea ever. Kit gets three gold stars and one smiley face.

My only complaint has nothing to do wtih Kit or the design of the dress. Because I love this dress very much, I am so so terribly sad that it makes my ass look like this:


Ahhh, system skirts. I hate you with all my heart.


  • Dress + Leggings: Jessica by CKSD (on sale for $112L, usually $225L)
  • Hair: Debutante in Cocoa by Celestial Studios
  • Skin: Pandora in Tone 3, Makeup 1b by Adam-n-Eve
  • Jewelry: Jot Jewelry Color Change Set by Nyte’n ‘Day (only $60L! Versatile! Buy!)

It’s almost summer!! Sand Shack Surf, Co. May 7, 2007

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I loves me some beach clothes. I live in Oregon and when I go to the beach here it’s in 17 layers and hiking boots. But I did go to college in Los Angeles and since I just recently graduated and moved back up here, I’m definitely missing my flip-flops and shorts days.

So I have a little secret obssession in Second Life… and that is habitually stalking beach-wear stores. I’ve tried to contain myself on this blog, but my inventory is bursting full of sarongs, shorts and boho dresses in giant flower patterns. It’s a sickness but I just can’t help myself. In real life it’s the middle of May and STILL RAINING. I love the Pacific Northwest, but L.A. has polluted (ha! ha! I made an elementary funny ;)) my ability to withstand weather variation.

Therefore, I was absolutely thrilled when I popped into the Sand Shack Surf, Co. and found the most perfect summer dress ever:


The Kaylee dress has a kind of boho-sailor vibe, with is just fine with me. This is the Summer version, for $350L (a tad-bit spendy for my usual purchases, but I already outlined my compulsive need to buy summer clothing. I plead temporary insanity.) and it comes in three other versions. I actually like this dress better without the bows and I’m particularly partial to the hot seaming on the tush. More designers should place seams on the tush. It is undeniably chic and sexy.

The dress also comes with a mesh over jacket, which I like with outher outfits, but not with this dress. Which is why you don’t see it here, but you could see it in-world or at designer Emma Gilmour’s blog (see earlier link).


I am even more in love with the Hibiscus top (shown here in navy and teal) and Dune Jean Skirt. The top ($115L) is clearly a shading masterpiece and SCREAMS Santa Monica to me. I also adore the hibiscus flower in the subtle accent color on the tee. This top comes on jacket and tee layers but, alas, is only available in the shrug and tee composite. I like my clothes to mix-and-match, but I’ll forgive the top. It’s just too cute to stay angry at.

The Dune skirt (at $80L, much more friendly to the wallet) is FABULOUS. And let me tell you why. While I am often fond of the fabulous prim skirt offerings in SL, they are frequently of the pleated, multi-layered fabric variety. Which is fine and useful and wonderful. I’ve also found some mesh skirts that don’t make me immediately want to hurl. But what I’d really like in SL is a nice mini that does not make my caboose roughly the size of Indiana or take it’s inspiration from Lolita.

And in Dune I’ve finally found it! It is actually a prim skirt with a shorts layer… but the only prim part that sticks out is the little flap right in between the legs. Emma has done an amazing job of lining up the zipper and seams on the prim layer and it REALLY looks like a seamless mini-skirt. It looks better at a distance, but even up close the details and seams are nearly flawless. Brava, Emma! Perhaps the best value in the entire store.

While this entry is already much longer text-wise than most of my entries I also have to throw some love to the accessories available at Sand Shack Surf, Co. Make sure you pick up the freebie basket at the entrance – it has a spectactular straw beach bag, a flexi-grass skirt (luaus here I come) and the piece d’resistance: a coconut thrower.

But my favorite accessories are pictured below:


Arm warmers, leg warmers and a kick-ass guitar case ($300L)! Doesn’t everyone love an av with a guitar strapped to her back? I sure do.

The excellently-textured arm warmers and leg warmers are not available as singles, but the entire pack of 7 colors will only cost you $250L. That’s for 14 items. You can do the math: I majored in English.

Oh and as an aside, I’ve been getting angry IMs from people who apparently tried to strike up a convo with me in-world about my blog and then I rudely disappeared! I’ve been crashing a bit lately because I’ve been using my old PC while a friend tests out my beloved Mac, so I’m sorry if I give you the silent treatment. I don’t mean it. Sowwy.


  • All Clothes: Sand Shack Surf, Co.
  • Hair: Sleek in Carrot by Celestial Studios – group freebie!
  • Shoes: Garden Party Wedge by Anjo’s Adorables, Wrapped Stiletto Boots in Brown by Shiny Things
  • Bangle: Hibiscus cuff by Sand Shack Surf, Co. ($75L)
  • Necklace: BF Promo Beach Necklace by boing fromage – freebie!
  • Skin: Pandora in Tone 3, Makeup 1b by Adam-n-Eve (sorry, it’s not coming off in the forseeable future)

TULI opens! May 6, 2007

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I’ve been waiting for TULI to open… I came across the store’s blog and liked what I saw in the posted previews… I joined the update group, and loved the make-up on the free skin… So I was pleasantly surprised when I logged in to find a notice from designer Tuli Asturias declaring that her shop was officially open!

I immediatled TP’d over and promptly went broke buying out nearly the entire clothing line.

I’m not joking.

While the prices aren’t necessarily bargain-basement, they certainly aren’t excessive (unless, like me, you decide you need to own everything in stock). The designs are top-notch and sexy-fun. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves:


This is the Angela top in gray ($95L), but you should certainly check out the other available colors because they are JUST as rockin’. I love that this is a jacket is half buttoned and that the unbottoned portion is along the bottom instead of the more usual top. The seams are perfection on a stick. With sprinkles. Ditto for the pearly buttons.


The Bette dress in Patchwork ($250L) is similarly divine. I heart the zipper on the shrug (which sadly, is not on a separate layer) and the belt across the waist is also inspired. The repetition of the patchwork pattern along the edge of the prim skirt finishes this outfit off for me. While I dig the patchwork version because I can’t get enough of all things green these days, there are many versions of this dress in different colors and patterns.


This beautiful kimono-inspired top is Kimi in Red ($95L) and is paired with the shorts version of the Dark Jeans Pack ($250L for shorts, capris and jeans). The top is clearly stunning, so I won’t waste time fawning over it. Instead, I want to point out the detailing on the back of the shorts–the back pockets add a harder edge to what otherwise might be a cutesy outfit. These shorts are also not confusing themselves with lingerie and thankfully stay away from my crotch. I love me some virtual Daisy Dukes as much as the next girl, but sometimes you got to go the modest route. Or at least, I like to.


I wasn’t joking when I said I nearly bought out the store. Two more outfits to show you… on the left is Nicole in Light Blue/Black ($195L for pants and jacket) and on the right is the Rachel Top in Storm ($95L) paired with the jeans version of the Dark Jeans pack. The Rachel top was one of my favorite finds, but when I put it on I was saddened to find some flaws on the edges of the neck-strap. Everything else I bought was minutley detailed and finished extremely well, so I’m going to chalk this neckline up to a one-time mishap. It’s still rather gorgeous.

TULI also sells skins, evening wear and lingerie. The selection is a bit limited now (she just opened her store, after all!) but you’re bound to find a couple pieces to drool over. I only wish the clothes came in a wider variety of layers so I could wear them with many outfits.


  • All clothes by TULI
  • Skin: Pandora in Medium, Makeup 1a by Adam-n-Eve
  • Hair: Lisa in Apricot Blackened by ETD
  • Shoes: Vamp in Coal by Lassitude & Ennui, Wrapped Silk in Pesto by Paper Couture
  • Necklaces: Tresor Necklace by Last Call (update group freebie!), Daphine Necklace in Gold by Last Call (update group freebie!)
  • Bangle: Destiny Bangle by EARTHTONES

Savvy? May 2, 2007

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I was wandering around (after just purchasing my new Pandora skin from Adam-n-Eve – which I LOVE) looking for a fantastic deal to blog about when I wandered across this excellent little number from Savvy?


I’d seen this pass by on either the forums or FashCon -can’t remember which! – a couple of weeks ago, but for one reason or another, forgot about it. So I was happily delighted to stumble upon it all by my one-sies. The whole outfit, named Manna, is only $150L and it comes with two shirts, two pants  and a pair of kick-ass textured tights in SEVERAL layers a piece. That’s what I call bargain-shopping.

I absolutely adore the high collar slit neck with it’s perfect embellishments. The prim cuffs on the shorts come in 2 sizes, so you can pick which ones best fit your av. Both the capris and the shorts are immediately wearable and bound to become a staple in any discerning avatar’s inventory.

I’m not so awash in love for the purple smock top… it just doesn’t fit my shape very well. By SL standards my boobs aren’t that large, and I also don’t have them on 0 for perkiness, so the breast shading just doesn’t quite work for me. My biggest complaint though, are the sleeves of the top – there’s something funky going on with both the seams and the shading here:


These may be make-or-break issues for some, but I know a good deal when I see one. Issues aside, I love this outfit and at $150L for ALL the options, Manna classifies as a sweet deal. I’ll just make sure to wear a lnoger hairstyle to cover up the sleeves ;).

For those of you with a little extra $L on your hands, be sure to check out the Pandora skins at Adam-n-Eve. I first saw these reviewed by Grazia Horwitz over at SecondStyle and went over to check them out. These skins aren’t cheap – you buy them in packs of two similar make-ups for $1800L. But there are TONS of extras that go with them. Not only do you get two make-up options, you also get two pubic hair options for a total of four skins. The skins also come with coordinating manicures and pedicures that match the make-ups and the number one beauty tool for in-the-know avs: a personal lighting system that keeps shadows off your face even in harsh lighting. A must for photos.


  • Clothing: Manna by Savvy?
  • Skin: Pandora in Tone 3, Makeup 1a by Adam-n-Eve
  • Hair: The Bombshell in The Nutshell III by Armidi
  • Bracelet: Color Change Jot Jewelry by Nyte’N’Day
  • Shoes: Victoria in Coal by Lassitude & Ennui

Nylon Outfitters: Brand New and Freebies May 1, 2007

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So I stopped by Nylon Outfitters because I just had to get this top (which comes with jacket layer necklace, seen at right):


and everything else new in the store (jumper, three shirts and necklace for $380L). It is utter creamy perfection and I couldn’t be happier with it. What I particularly can’t get over is how Nylon utilized the mesh skirt to make the bottom of this top instead of the usual jacket layer – finally, a long tank I can wear under my jackets. Beautiful.

 But, being the cheapskate/freebie-whore I am, I also had to pick up the “Free Stuff for Girls” package in the main Nylon Outfitters boutique at Tableau. This is bar-none the best freebie-clothing package I have come across in Second Life. Instead of being full of cast-offs or ten minute experiments in PhotoShop, these clothes are actually finished wearable clothing. For instance, take a gander at these clothes:


There are beautiful seams on the jackets, finished belts and pockets on the pants and just plain well-done shading on all layers. Not to mention the clothes are freaking adorable.

This freebie box is actually fun to unpack, because each piece is a different, pleasing surprise.


The sweater above comes with prim sleeves (with lace detailing! and it’s a freebie!) and is probably my favorite piece in the whole package. But trust me: there are loads of pieces to choose from and even the pickiest shoppers are bound to find one piece that will become a part of their regular rotation.


  • Clothing: All from Nylon Outfitters. Uppermost top is Country Vacation, all others part of the freebie! pack.
  • Skin: Vogue in Cashmere Drama Queen Champagne by Celestial Studios
  • Hair: Drew II in Copper by Hairapy
  • Boots: Calf Boots in Black Leather by Lassitude & Ennui (on sale for $150L!)
  • Beaded Necklace and Bracelet: Jot Jewelry Set by Nyte’N’Day (colorchange for $65L)
  • Metal Necklace: Casual Excess Choker (color change) in Black by Miriel (on sale for $30L!)
  • Metal Bracelet: Double Metal Bracelet in Black/Silver by Miriel – freebie!

Newbie Fashion Tip: Joining Update Groups April 29, 2007

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While many of you more experienced fashionistas are likely members to buckets of fashion update groups, the benefits of such groups aren’t always apparent to your average Second Life newbie…. including myself, until about a month ago ;).

Almost every designer worth his/her salt has an update group. Designers can send out updates of new products to these groups (obviously), which is benefit enough for the lazy fashion-obssessed, but often designers also send out special group only offers, ask for feedback, or even dole out group-only swag at our favorite price: free!

These freebies are not your out-of-the box gear either – they’re done by top-notch designers and are a way of thanking their loyal customers. So you can end up looking like this:


for free! All the items (minus my eyes) shown in this photo are gifts from various fashion update groups I am a member of: I am wearing a fabulous prototype skin from the yet-to-be opened TULI (the make-up is just sublime); part of a free jewelry set from EARTHTONES; a group-only hairstyle from Celestial Studios; and a group-only shade of the perfect Avril dress from Tete-a-Pied.

You should really only join the update groups if you are dedicated customers of the fashion line you are subscribing to – you often receive reminders and notices and if you don’t really care about the fashion line, you’re going to be pretty annoyed with the extra messages. But if you’re new on the block and are looking to tap into SL’s fashion scene, update groups are one of the best ways to see what’s cooking in the best fashion kitchens – and earn a free (and sometimes exclusive!) taste from time to time.

Sorry for the short, not particularly interesting post. It’s been a long weekend.

 OOH! And as an aside, please please PLEASE stop by DE at Clothing Fair (which seems to be lagging quite a bit less). They’ve got so much sugar fantastic-ness going on that I’ve got a headache just thinking about it. If you don’t want to brave Clothing Fair, visit their store. Here’s a little sample of what they’ve got:


This is Venu in Black and it cost $250L (please ignore my half-closed eyes in that photo… like I said, it’s been a long weekend and I was too busy to go back inworld and retake the photo). The skirt looks every bit as luxurious in-world as it does here, and the outfit comes in several different themes.


Clothing Fair Freebie Guide April 28, 2007

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Phew… so most of my frustration has burned off, but I did have to take yesterday off from posting… RL called. But finally, here is the long awaited guide to freebies/gift boxes to be had at the fair!

Before I begin, I should let you all know that it is very probable that I missed some great deals or hidden freebies on my first run through the Fair (see last post).

I should also add that I realize these are freebies (or highly discounted items) and are not necessarily representative of the body of work of a particular designer. I do keep that in mind when I review freebies – I don’t always hold them to the same standards as clothing I pay full price for. However I do expect SOME quality, versatility or uniqueness in the freebies I end up adding to my inventory.

So while I do appreciate that some designers offer freebies and gift boxes (and in my opinion, far too few did it a Clothing Fair, compared to Hair Fair), to me there’s no reason to keeping something that I will never wear just because it was free or cheap. I just end up buying it, unpacking it, trying it on and then promptly deleting it. So if I say that your freebie is not worth picking up, I’m not trying to diss your entire store and I’m not saying that you should no longer offer freebies (I think freebies are a good service every designer provides to newbies, not to mention a nice marketing tool). I’m just saying that in my opinion, the payoff in this case may not be worth the buying, unpacking and trying on.

So with all those disclaimers… let’s begin. I’m going through these beginning at the Heall Entrance and working my way all around the sim. I’m not going to include a picture of everysingle thing in every single box, but I’ll try to get something that is representative of what’s in there.

Look under the tag for the guide.